3 Armies

An iOS game of strategic fantasy battle – orcs * humans * elves – available now in the Mac App Store.


3 Armies Lite, the FREE version of the game of fantasy battle between orcs, humans and elves is now available in the App Store!

Star Witch logoStar Witch

“In the aftermath of interstellar war, space remains a hostile environment.”

Star Witch is the working title for a science fiction/space opera project currently in development.


Desolation Isle imageDesolation Isle

“Lost cities, haunted temples to nameless gods, trackless bog and marsh, mountains, a big damned volcano. All littered with relics of some civilization where man was not the master. Well, we’ve found her. Us! There she is, like some crazed virgin with a bloody knife, waiting for the first man to try her. But this virgin is rich. Stinking buy-a-kingdom rich!”

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