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Orcs are flooding across the Dark Border! Marshal your forces and deploy your troops. Drive the orc invaders back across Crowfield, into the shadows of Burnt Tree Grove, through the mire of Deadman’s Dam, to the gates of Orcskull Fortress!

Map for mobile game 3 Armies3 Armies is a game of strategic fantasy battles featuring:

  • 28 Battlefields across varying landscapes
  • 10 Playable troop types to deploy
  • 7 Promotions for each troop
  • 5 Battle Cries
  • 3 Levels of Victory for replay value
  • 1 Epic story of myth, magic and mystery
  • Beautiful art and design
  • Imaginative characters

Rally the swords of paladins and mercenaries to your banner, promote your wizards to defeat the orc dreadlords and warlocks. Make allies with elf sorceresses and the mystical moon guard as you cross the map. Boost your troop’s power with five mighty Battle Cries that make any orc warrior tremble in fear.

Battle Cries for 3 ArmiesEasy to learn and achieve victory in the early battles, success adds new features and increasingly difficult orc foes. Mix and match your troops to develop your own strategy.

Join Thaxarian and his troops as they battle through the Shadowline and win back peace and prosperity!Kileen of 3 Armies, the iOS mobile game.

Available NOW at the Mac App Store

3 Armies Lite is available for FREE!

PLEASE NOTE: 3 Armies will run on iPhone 4, iPad 2 or newer device.

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