Waystation10 is a creative depot for Tony Graham and Andy Underwood. We collaborate on several of the projects herein.

3 ARMIES is our first mobile game. It’s a strategic fantasy battles game featuring orcs, humans and elves for the iOS. Check out the 3 Armies page on the top menu for more info. With the Lite version, the first taste of the game is free. We suspect you’ll like it.

non-color map for 3 ArmiesNext up on the slate, we are tinkering with two different game/storytelling worlds. Desolation Isle is a sword & sorcery adventure setting. Star Witch is the working title of a salvage starship in a space opera universe. We’ve been tossing these concepts around for a while, twisting and turning them to look at as many angles as possible.

Tony is a professional writer and web content specialist. With years of film & television production experience, he has created a snowstorm in Santa Barbara, made a living with words, developed multimedia websites and produced an online fantasy world for open collaboration. He is fascinated with digital games as a storytelling medium and the internet as a distribution/communication channel.

Andy has been drawing since he was able to pick up a crayon. As a child, he would stay up late creating abstract designs on his bedroom walls. Since then, Andy has refined his craft and been fortunate enough to make a living as a professional artist. He’s had the privilege of illustrating a variety children’s books and comics, visually bringing a fantasy world to life and creating a flash rpg. Currently he is working in the animation industry as a background painter. Andy spends most of his free time with his lovely wife and two kids (a dog and a cat). He draws obsessively, but hopes one day to get a full night’s sleep.

Elf Blademaster from 3 Armies


You can email Andy or Tony (choose one) @WayStation10.com